My Little Corner!

Glad to see you found me. A simple splash page where I get to lament about the demise of the music industry; the love of vinyl; a good turntable and good tunes. Photo below shows you the tools you'll need to catalogue and preserve your collection. Any pointers, drop me word and remember, records are worthy of your respect and admiration so take care of them for your son and daughter will thank you later!!

Record Collecting

It's the only way to kill the MP3 industry so get off your ass and plug that turntable in. A couple of books I highly recommend to commence your journey back in time are the Goldmine Pricing Guide (just to see what treasures you have in that milk crate) and Record Store Days: From Vinyl To Digital and Back Again that'll give you hope that one day all the mass-manufactured shit that we've been force fed for the past decade or so will once again be an art form. Also check out the Record Collector's Guild where like-minded individuals get all the info and insight on what is happening in the vinyl industry. For cataloguing, nothing beats Discogs or Novocat as they're both free with a great interface where you can actually find internet sellers as well.As far as decoding to MP3 or FLAC, there's quite a few good authoring tools however EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter and Audaacity are what I recommend.

In Ottawa, there are great independent stores worth checking out to find those hard-to-find records so check out of course The Record Centre; Vertigo; Compact Music; or Cede Troque in Gatineau.

Other stuff...

A work in progress. Football poolies, look UP... look WAY UP and click on the appropriate link!! For music reviews, I tend to trust 'Rate Your Music' but still not sure what the fuss is with Kanye West and Coldplay!